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Eco-friendly and ethical fashion gift ideas - Art Andina

Eco-friendly and ethical fashion gift ideas

  The Holiday season is coming up: the Christmas lights and decoration, the excitement of children around you and Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is you” blasting in every store you go to. But most importantly, the question we ask ourselves each year: what’s a good gift to offer this Holiday season?   In today’s world, and in the shift in common consciousness on environmental and ethical issues, a more precise question arrises: how can I show my love and offer gifts to my loved ones in an ethical and sustainable manner?      Well, there is a solution:...

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5 tips on how to avoid fast fashion - Art Andina

5 tips on how to avoid fast fashion

In today’s world, one buying habit has surpassed all others: overconsumption. Whether it’s for food, which we produce endlessly only to waste a good part of it, or for clothing with fast fashion, our consumerism model is shaped to buy and consume more and more. The reasons behind this are the quick response supply chain, very clever marketing techniques, and most recently, the overuse of social media. Fast fashion clothing has become very accessible to many and trends are fast changing, its production has doubled in the last 20 years. Fast fashion brands such as Zara or H&M can release...

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What is Fast Fashion? - Art Andina

What is Fast Fashion?

Fast fashion is a choice that many consumers do unconsciously. At Art Andina, we believe that purchasing power is a strong power and that this power changes with information and consciousness.  What is the definition of fast fashion? “Fast fashion” can be described as clothing that has a short production model and can go very quickly from the design stage to the stores in order to follow the latest (and ever-changing) trends. Fast fashion is also usually very inexpensive. Without realizing it, you might be consuming fast fashion. Have you ever shopped at H&M or Zara? Forever21 or even Uniqlo? ...

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Why Turkish towels can vary greatly in price? - Art Andina

Why Turkish towels can vary greatly in price?

The popular Turkish towels' price range can vary greatly on the market. Let’s face it, we are not competitive in terms of price with our Turkish towels but here’s why, and here’s what at Art Andina, we stand for. What is fair trade and why it’s important for us? Of course, fair trade is not only a Drake song, it's much more than that! Raising Wages Standards through fair trade In implementing an ethical trade, we believe in creating a better working environment and better lives for all the workers involved in production.  Our artisan partners are able to take...

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