At Art Andina, we believe that our homes should reflect our values and journeys. That is why our purpose is to create home goods that are authentic, ethical and handmade.

We traveled to South America to develop partnerships with artisan communities in the villages of Otavalo and Peguche in Ecuador. As we always travel personally to each village and work directly from there, we are able to build trusting relationships with the artisans. We are then able to sell directly our product to you online, with no middlemen.
Hence, we are able to offer products of exceptionnal craftmanship at lower prices. This also means that better wages are going directly to the artisans in a fair trade environnement.
Each collection is created in limited quantities to ensure optimal quality for our handmade treasures. This allows the artisans to constantly change the designs and truly express their creativity. We want you to feel that your product is truly one of a kind !
The Otavalo craftsmanship dates back from centuries and their ancestral weaving traditions are still at the heart of the community. We are proud to blend our modern and timeless style with their master expertise to create unique designs.