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Guide Before Buying Your Alpaca Blanket - Art Andina

Guide Before Buying Your Alpaca Blanket

So you are in a situation where you would like to buy an alpaca blanket for your trekking trips, camping, or simply for pure comfort? If so, here’s what you need to know before purchasing the right blanket. Origin and Authenticity of Your Alpaca Blankets Where are these alpaca blankets sourced from? Our alpaca blankets come from Ecuador and they are made with ethical practices because we support slow fashion and fair trade practices. Are your alpaca blankets made from 100% pure alpaca wool? The short answer is no and we made this choice as a trade-off to ease how...

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How to wear our alpaca infinity scarfs? - Art Andina

How to wear our alpaca infinity scarfs?

Here are some different ways to wear our alpaca infinity scarfs or any other Also known as a circle scarf or a loop scarf, an infinity scarf is a multipurpose fashion accessory that can accent any look and keep you warm during cold weather! Our blend of 70 % alpaca wool and 30 % acrylic is perfect for keeping you warm and still being lightweight and breathable! This is because Alpaca wool is renowned for its thermo-regulating properties! We love this product because of its versatility, you can adapt your look to each mood or occasion! 1. The double loop....

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How are Alpaca Blankets Made? - Art Andina

How are Alpaca Blankets Made?

This is an important question that we are happy to answer by also answering a sub question that we often receive... Does alpaca wool hurt the alpaca when it’s harvested? Alpaca wool is a sustainable and cruelty-free textile option for garments.  Alpaca wool is harvested when the alpacas are sheared. Traditionally, in the Andes, this happens in the summertime. This haircut doesn’t hurt the animal because the farmers use sheers to gently cut the alpaca extra wool. Shearing is actually helpful to the animal who can overheat from its big fur if left uncut.  Do alpaca farmers make money when...

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Is an alpaca blanket warm enough for outdoor camping or do I need a sleeping bag? - Art Andina

Is an alpaca blanket warm enough for outdoor camping or do I need a sleeping bag?

Alpaca wool is sometimes less known than sheep's wool, but it is a perfect option for the outdoors! Let’s take a look at some of its qualities. Alpaca wool has an exceptional warmth property Alpaca wool is actually warmer than sheep’s wool because it is more medullated. Thus, the fibers of alpaca wool have a hollow center, which helps them to better keep you warm. So, without having to be thick or heavy, an alpaca blanket is an optimal choice for outdoor activities and camping. If you are generating heat, it’s going to maintain the heat better than other materials...

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