Buying an infinity scarf: what you should know

Buying an infinity scarf: what you should know - Art Andina

Buying an infinity scarf is great because it’s a wonderful item to have to protect you from the cold and to improve your style. This continuous loop scarf can be worn in different ways. However, before buying one, you might have a few questions to make sure to make the right choice.

How do I wear an infinity scarf?

This is a great question and here’s how to wear an infinity scarf.

How does an infinity scarf compare to a regular scarf in terms of effectiveness and comfort?

An infinity scarf is very versatile and can be easily worn in multiple ways, which makes it very versatile. The great advantage of an infinity scarf versus a regular scarf is that you can loop it around your neck and it will stay well in place no matter what. This is very practical in windy or cold weather. A lot of people also find this more comfortable than having to have knots and bows in your scarf to keep it well in place.

How long should an infinity scarf be?

An infinity scarf's length should be between 25 to 40 inches, depending on how many loops you would like to make around the neck. You have to remember that because the scarf is circular, the circumference is actually double the length.

Do you have different sizes?

Yes, we have two different models of infinity scarves. The first is 28 inches long and is perfect for 2 loops, which offers an everyday style ideal for fall, spring, and winter. Our second model is 38 inches long and can be worn with 2 looser loops and 3 tighter loops. This creates an oversized look, perfect for winter months.

By the way, we also have different sizes of regular scarves and shawls.

Exemple of smaller infinity scarf - available in multiple colors 


Exemple of bigger infinity scarf - available in multiple colors 


What colors and patterns of infinity scarves do you offer?

We offer a variety of colors and patterns that can fit any style. All our scarves are handwoven with ancestral weaving looms. 

We have a collection of scarves colors perfect for fall, you will find burgundy, burnt orange, oat beige, and mustard yellow. We also have neutral colors perfect for classic style and for gifts. You can find these scarves in cream, light grey, chocolate brown, and charcoal.

We also have more colorful scarves with multicolor patterns and designs.

What materials are these scarfs made of?

Our scarves are made with our special blend of 70 % alpaca wool and 30 % acrylic. We use this blend for optimal softness and easy care. This means that our scarves are machine washable but still super soft and cozy.

Can infinity scarves be used in all seasons?

This is a great question and the answer is yes but it depends on the materials of your infinity scarf. 

Infinity scarves that are woven or knitted with alpaca wool can be worn in all seasons. This is because alpaca wool is thermo-regulating. So, If you are generating heat, it’s going to maintain the heat better than other materials while keeping breathability. Unlike regular sheep wool, Alpaca wool is also pretty lightweight which is ideal for warmer weather (because of its fiber hollow center). 

How do I take care of my infinity scarf?

Because of our special blend made of 70 % alpaca wool and 30 % acrylic, all our scarves have easy care instructions. They can go to the washing machine with cold water.  Then, it is best to let them air dry flat. 

Alpaca wool is a lot more water resistant than sheep’s wool which also makes it easier to wash. It will take a lot more water to soak through and it will repel it more efficiently. So, it will become a lot less soggy and heavy and it will dry much quicker. 

In conclusion, we offer infinity scarves and we are pretty sure you will love this versatile accessory!


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