Guide Before Buying Your Alpaca Blanket

Guide Before Buying Your Alpaca Blanket - Art Andina

So you are in a situation where you would like to buy an alpaca blanket for your trekking trips, camping, or simply for pure comfort? If so, here’s what you need to know before purchasing the right blanket.

Origin and Authenticity of Your Alpaca Blankets

Where are these alpaca blankets sourced from?

Our alpaca blankets come from Ecuador and they are made with ethical practices because we support slow fashion and fair trade practices.

Are your alpaca blankets made from 100% pure alpaca wool?

The short answer is no and we made this choice as a trade-off to ease how to wash your alpaca blanket

Our optimal blend is made of 70 % alpaca wool and 30 % acrylic. In our opinion, this is the optimal mix to ensure the famous softness of the alpaca wool while offering a resistant product. With this blend, our product can go to the washing machine with cold water. For drying, it is best to let them air dry.

Ethical concerns for my alpaca blanket choice

If this section is of interest to you, congratulations, You are a very responsible consumer and we love it!

How are the alpaca treated when the wool is harvested for my blanket?

The answer is that the alpacas are very well treated and here’s why.

Are there any harmful chemicals in the production or in the dyeing processes of my blanket?

There are no harmful chemicals that are used in any step of our production. We produce the blankets in small batches with the traditional methods.

Durability and care of my alpaca blanket

An alpaca blanket is of course durable and buying one is an action in favor of slow fashion which is in opposition to the fast fashion trend. Now that we covered how to wash your Art Andina alpaca blanket because of the choice we made to ease your life, here are the other concerns you might have about it.

How long will my alpaca blanket last if I use it regularly?

Your alpaca blanket can last very long even with regular use! The best tip for the longevity of the wool is to avoid the dryer. It is best to let them air dry. 

The Art Andina blankets use a special blend of 70 % alpaca wool and 30 % acrylic. This blend increases the resistance of the fibers for tighter weaving and lasting use.

How does alpaca wool compare to merino wool or cashmere in terms of warmth, durability, and comfort?

Alpaca wool is well known for its exceptional warmth properties, which surpass normal wool and even cashmere.

Alpaca wool is actually warmer than sheep’s wool because its fibers have a hollow center, which helps them retain heat better while still being breathable. This is why it is often referred to as thermo-regulating.

The main difference between Alpaca wool and merino wool is that Alpaca wool is naturally hypoallergenic. So, it is perfect for allergic persons but also for everyone who is bothered by the itchy feel that some people still perceive in some merino wool.

Warmth and comfort of your alpaca blanket

This information is important to know. After all, you want to make sure that your alpaca blanket will meet your expectations to keep you warm and comfortable!

Is an alpaca blanket warm enough to do camping or trekking or do I need a sleeping bag?

This is a great question and the answer to this is that it depends on your expectations of your alpaca blanket.

Is alpaca wool itch-free?

Yes, alpaca wool is known for this incomparable softness. It is also naturally hypoallergenic, so the best choice for anyone wanting to benefit from the warmth of wool without any itch.

What you should you know before buying your alpaca blanket by Art Andina

Allergies and sensitivities with alpaca wool

This is an essential topic in regard to safety purposes.

Are alpaca blankets hypoallergenic?

Yes, alpaca wool is known for this incomparable softness. It is also naturally hypoallergenic, so the best choice for anyone wanting to benefit from the warmth of wool without any itch.

Is there a possibility that I could get an allergic reaction or skin irritation?

At Art Andina, we use a blend of 70 % alpaca wool and 30 % acrylic for optimal softness and easy care. So, if someone is allergic to synthetic fibers, it may be best to search for a 100 % alpaca wool blanket (however, those have to be hand-washed).

Variety and Size of Your Blanket

Alpaca blankets come in different sizes and different varieties and this will have an influence on different aspects like its use and its portability mostly for trekking.

What sizes of alpaca blankets are available to me? 

Our alpaca blankets come in 2 sizes. One collection offers standard queen-size bed reversible alpaca blankets. We also have a collection of large throw blankets which come in 195 cm x 155 cm sizes.

If they are available in different sizes, what are their weight?

Unlike regular sheep wool, Alpaca wool is pretty lightweight (because of its fiber hollow center). Our queen-size blanket weighs about 1.2 kg and our Throw Blanket size weighs about 0,7 kg. 

Buying an alpaca blanket is a great feeling and make sure that you chose the right alpaca blanket for your needs. Art Andina are experts in alpaca blankets.

Is it compact or easy to carry for trekking or does my alpaca blanket come with a carry bag or a storage pouch?

Our alpaca wool blankets are pretty lightweight and easy to carry on any outdoor outing! Because of their natural warmth, the blankets don’t have to be very thick, so they can easily be rolled up and carried everywhere. Because of our special blend, they are very resistant and don’t really have use for a carry bag.

Are each alpaca blanket unique or do you have an inventory of the patterns and colors available?

We create our blankets in small batches, so we do have a small inventory of each model available. Every blanket on our site is already woven and ready to be shipped. Our small batch models allow us to regularly change our collections.

Cost and warranty for my alpaca blanket

This investment in your well-being and in an international fair-trade journey has a cost and you have to make sure that it’s worth it. At Art Andina, we understand this!

How much does my alpaca blanket cost?

This depends on what blanket you prefer and here’s the best way to answer your question.

Is there a warranty or guarantee on my alpaca blanket?

We do not offer a warranty on our alpaca blanket, but we do believe in exceptional customer service. So, you can always contact us via our website for any questions or inquiries, we will be happy to help! We also offer exchanges and returns within 14 days after their delivery.

If I’m not satisfied, what’s the return or exchange policy for my alpaca blanket?

We gladly accept exchanges or refunds. Contact us within 14 days of delivery - via our Contact Page. Then, ship your item back within a 14-day period after delivery of your product. We will treat all refund and exchange requests in a delay of 7 days. The item must be unused and in its original condition.

Our conditions of return

For the return, the buyer is responsible for return shipping costs. If the item is not returned in its original condition, the buyer is responsible for any loss in value.

We hope that we answered all your questions before you get your alpaca blanket. If not, contact us and we will be happy to answer you!

Buying an alpaca blanket is a great gift you can make to others or to you. Art Andina informs you what you should know before purchasing an alpaca blanket.


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