Eco-friendly and ethical fashion gift ideas

Eco-friendly and ethical fashion gift ideas - Art Andina


The Holiday season is coming up: the Christmas lights and decoration, the excitement of children around you and Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is you” blasting in every store you go to. But most importantly, the question we ask ourselves each year: what’s a good gift to offer this Holiday season?  

In today’s world, and in the shift in common consciousness on environmental and ethical issues, a more precise question arrises: how can I show my love and offer gifts to my loved ones in an ethical and sustainable manner? 



Well, there is a solution: conscious gifting 

Conscious gifting or gift giving, sometimes referred to as ethical gift-giving or simply eco gift, is the act of offering products that are in alignment with moral values to do the right thing for our planet and its people. 

Some examples could be gifts coming from brands that practice fair trade for the right treatment and remuneration of their workers, brands that are eco-friendly and offer recyclable products, or even products made from vegan and cruelty-free materials. 


What are great eco-friendly and ethical fashion and lifestyle gifts ideas for now and maybe for a while? 

In our previous blogs, we talked about the negative effects of fast fashion and mass consumption and gave you 5 tips to avoid fast-fashion. Today we’re coming to you with 5 sustainable gifts ideas from 5 brands we love! 




BKIND is a natural and vegan skincare brand based in Montreal. We love the diversity of products and scents this Kind Home Bundle offers, the recyclable packaging and the vegan factor. While caring for your entire household, it care for the animals and the planet! 




Lambert is a vegan leather bags and travel accessories brand also based in Montreal. They are the perfect blend of ethical values: local, vegan materials and ethical manufacturing. It’s the proof that sustainable can also be chic and elegant without loosing quality. We love “The June” bag for its timeless design and affordable price, it’s a versatile item that you will be able to use for years! 




GOLDE is a Brooklyn-born wellness brand focused on making superfoods more accessible for everyone. Made with natural and vegan-friendly ingredients, we love their products to show love to others (or yourself!) in a different way, from within. Just choose your desired benefits and enjoy goodness! 


(The Maple and Maras Fleur de Sel with 60% Cuncho cacao, a beautiful tribute to Canada) 

QANTU is a Montreal based brand that works with the beautiful diversity of Peruvian chocolates and cacaos. Awarded for the quality and taste of their products, for us they’re the best choice for a tasty and delicate gift while respecting fair trade. Good and ethical chocolate and cacao are a privilege, which makes them a loving and thoughtful gift. 



We love our products and are proud of them, and we want the world to enjoy them as well! All of our products are handmade in Ecuador by local communities with whom we work since day 1. They’re made from Alpaca wool which is known for its thermo regulating and hypoallergenic qualities. Their unique designs make them the perfect addition in a cosy home for crazy aesthetic vibes. Pro-tip: we’re having sales on ALL blankets at the moment, don’t miss out! 


This Holiday Season, make the choice of ethical and eco-friendly gifting your loved ones 

We hope we helped you find gifts inspiration for this year’s Holiday Season! Remember, you can add value to a material gift by offering it with good intentions. The love you’re giving is precious, so make your gifts the same by purchasing them in alignment with ethical values. 

 Did you like our recommendations ? What are your ethical gifts ideas? 


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