Home on the road: 6 van life or travel “essential non-essentials” accessories

Home on the road: 6 van life or travel “essential non-essentials” accessories - Art Andina

Summer travel or trying to live the van life?

Summer has officially started, and we bet you can’t wait to go out there on the road for this year’s summer escapade.

Perhaps, it is to your childhood lakehouse, gathered with the entire family, to reminisce about your best memories. Or even to a sunny beach, with laughing kids running around their parents having an impromptu sandy picnic, with the sweet smell of sunscreen lingering in the air.

Or maybe, this year is the year you decide to go explore the great outdoors, to conquer the unknown and try out the van life. 

Can everybody live the van life?

Even though van lifers seem to have it easy on the socials, it takes quite a bit of courage and a lot of organization to go out there and do miles on miles. Adventurous, adaptable and detached from luxurious needs seem to be the core qualities of a van lifer. 

Traveling in a van, a camper, or a car requires knowing how to identify the essential. Planning routes, getting information on campsites, being crafty with your cooking and driving for hours on end are what make up most of your days on the road. Doing all of this while being able to adapt to any change of plan or hiccups in climate is also a must. 

Don’t let this put you off experiencing it for yourself though, because the most beautiful thing about this lifestyle is that everybody can try it out to their own capacity. 6 months or a long weekend can give you excitement and memories you’ll carry with you for years to come. It will expend your mind, feed the natural curiosity of your little ones, and connect you back to nature in a fast-paced world where we struggle to find moments to just be present. 

The secret for a most enjoyable trip is to make your time on the road more comfortable without taking up too much precious space. So whether you’re a seasoned van traveler or the occasional summertime adventurer, here are our top picks to make your life as sweet as can be during your next adventure.

Our 6 “essential non-essentials” accessories for travel and van life

Our first van life travel accessory choice

Our first pick is our super comfy and easy to carry handwoven hammock. Easy to set up under the shadow of two solid trees, it’s the cocoon of peace you didn’t know you needed.

Our handwoven hammocks are always appreciated by van lifers!

hamac_art andin

Our second van life travel accessory choice

Our 2nd pick is dedicated to the people who will eventually experience their period once on the road. A very clean, comfortable and ecofriendly way to go through that time of the month during your trip are the now classic menstrual cup (such as the Diva Cup, easily found in your local supermarket) or the beautiful period underwear from Etthiq, a Montreal based company offering resistant menstrual panties in the cutest designs


Our third van life travel accessory choice

To stay on the topic of hygiene and for our 3rd pick, we can only recommend you to get your hands on solid soap, shampoo and conditioner bars! Super compact but with seemingly endless uses, you can travel at peace knowing you won’t get any soapy spills and can even save up some precious space. The zero waste bars created in Quebec by La Savonnerie des Diligences are suitable for all hair and skin types, treating you right while respecting the environment. 


Our fourth van life travel accessory choice

For our 4th pick, and to keep you entertained in the downtimes of your trip, we believe that an e-reader such as the Kobo is going to become your best friend! Thousands upon thousands of books available in a compact little gadget with a long battery life and an auto adjusting brightness level for the best reading experience. Made from 85% recycled plastic and waterproof, the Kobo is a more ethical alternative to the similar ereader created by the industrial giant that is Amazon. Find all the information on this ingenious tool and how to get yours in your local Indigo bookstore! 




Our fifth van life travel accessory choice

Our 5th pick might be a bit biased, but we truly love our products, so we chose our handmade alpaca wool blankets! They are soft, cozy, will keep you warm on chilly nights and their intricate and unique designs will bring life to your van interior, and make you feel more at home than ever!


Our sixth van life travel accessory choice

Our 6th and final pick is for the coffee lovers out here! The Wacaco Minipresso is hands down the most convenient and innovative travel coffee maker in our eyes. You can easily carry it with your favorite capsules (or with a reusable one with the coffee blend of your choice). You can find it online and in stores on demand at Doyon Després!


What’s your take on our non essential essential travel and van life accessories?

We hope that we have blown your mind and inspired you to travel with more comfort with some of those cool picks! Making all of your living spaces completely yours, whether in a house or a van, by customizing it to your own personality is more important than you could imagine. This is true even when you travel! You can read all about it in our blog about how decor can affect your daily mood. Until next time, happy summer and happy travels! 


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