Great business gift ideas that are ethical on all spectrums of ethics

Great business gift ideas that are ethical on all spectrums of ethics - Art Andina
Business gift ideas are great to show how we appreciate our partners, employees, suppliers, and clients. After all, business is all about a human-to-human (H2H) relationship. However, business gifts can be a delicate ethical subject for two reasons. First, you want to avoid a perception of bribery at all costs (pun intended here). The second reason is that you want the gift to be useful but also, you want your business buying power to show the values that it stands for.

What to give as a gift in business? (and what to avoid)

When selecting a corporate gift, it's essential to consider the preferences and interests of our employees or partners to make sure the gift is meaningful and appreciated. Incorporating the company’s values can also enhance the gift's uniqueness and reinforce the company's identity.

Things to avoid when selecting corporate gifts

Low-quality or cheap items: Avoid giving gifts that appear low-quality or cheap, as it can tarnish the sentiment of appreciation you want to convey. High-quality, well-made gifts are more likely to leave a positive impression.
In our current time, employees are much more conscious of the negative impacts of non-sustainable goods.
Promotional items: Corporate gifts should be about showing appreciation, not promoting your brand excessively. While some branding is acceptable, like adding your logo, avoid items that are primarily promotional in nature.
Gender-specific gifts: Refrain from giving gifts that are gender-specific. Choose gifts that are inclusive for a large number of person. It is also important to make sure that your choice does not discriminate against any particular group based on race, religion or political preferences.
Last-Minute gift: Avoid selecting gifts in a hurry. Last-minute gifts might appear insincere and not thoughtful. This is why you should start the gift selection early, this will allow for personnalisation and curated content.

What are unique corporate gifts?

Unique corporate gifts are creative and thoughtful items that companies give to employees or business partners to show appreciation, strengthen relationships and mark Holidays. These gifts stand out from the usual items like pens, calendars, and mugs, making a lasting impression on the employees. 

What gifts do employees really want?

The type of gift wanted by employees can of course vary depending on individual preferences and company culture. But here are some notable trends.

  • Bonuses and Profit Sharing : In some type of companies, mainly Finance and Tech companies, this is a popular choice because the employees can do whatever they choose to do with this financial gift.
  • Customized Gifts are also in high demand. Something that reflects an employee's interests or values can make a meaningful impact. These could include custom-made items and handmade items.
  • Eco-friendly Products: Choose gifts made from sustainable materials, such as recycled paper products, bamboo, or organic cotton. Examples include reusable water bottles, tote bags, and notebooks.
  • Fair Trade Goods: Support fair trade organizations by gifting products like fair trade coffee, chocolates, or handmade crafts. These gifts ensure fair wages and ethical working conditions for artisans in developing countries.


What gift ideas are great for a new business?

For a new business, we would recommend offering a gift bundle. This idea can allow for a thematic and curated selection of gifts that corresponds to the brand’s values. This is also a great way to showcase different products and brands that are aligned with the brand’s vision. As an entrepreneur, is it always great to connect with similar minded company and expand our business connections.


Our selection of interesting business gift ideas

At Art Andina, we offer a personalized Gift Bundle service created for corporate gifts. Of course, our handmade Alpaca Blankets are at the heart of our Gift Bundle. We believe is is an ethical and original gift that can offer coziness and style to your employees or clients. 

We offer a wide collection of designs you can choose from, making sure it can fit different individual style preferences. 

Furthermore, it is a gender-neutral gift that supports a sustainable and fair-good initiative.




A curated bundle is a great gift idea!

In addition of our blankets or throws, you could add different thematics items to your curated bundle. 

For exemple, our Cozy Bundle can include a refillable Luvo Candle and a choice of Luscious bath products from Dot and Lil. Our Outdoors Lovers Bundle can include a pair of merino hiking socks and a stylish coffee tumbler. Having created many partnerships with ethical local brands, we can surely create the gift basket of your dreams !




You can contact us to inquire about our special corporate gift pricing and opportunities. Located in Montreal, we also have a showroom in the Plateau Mont-Royal neighborhood. Upon request, we can gladly invite you to see our products in person and discuss your needs. 



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